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4 Ways Digital Design Changed During the Pandemic


4 Ways Digital Design Changed During the Pandemic

Monday, June 22, 2020

During the pandemic, we were all doing the things we could never make time for. Cleaning the garage? Check. Organizing our cabinets?  Check.  Revamping our company website? 

 … wait. Why do websites fall into this category?

Business owners know the importance of an online presence, but the global pandemic has been a huge driving force in the latest push toward digital.

It's no secret that websites quickly became essential for businesses to continue operating. Big chains with mobile app delivery options skyrocketed in sales, while the local shops shuttered in the face of the stay-at-home orders. It was obvious to both big and small companies that it was worth the time and energy to update their online presence.

Here were the top 5 design changes we saw during the pandemic:

1. New branding

We saw lots of businesses looking to update their sites. Below is an example of a company that offers at-home history kits for kids. This business model is perfect for an environment like the pandemic, but they weren't seeing as many sales as a result of their existing branding. They quickly reaped amazing benefits just from updating their website branding to a cleaner, sleeker look.

Old branding:

New Branding:

2. More attention to added features

Filter functions: Now that people were exclusively shopping online, extending the filter function options for eCommerce was a must-have.

Wholesale pricing:  People who previously relied on a printed or digital catalogue for wholesale orders now needed a quicker way to get their wholesale customers the prices they were looking for. This forced some websites to have a function specific to wholesale customers.

Gifts: Businesses raced to add face masks, hand sanitizers and other gifts into the online shopping experience.

3. Marketing language and positioning

In response to the pandemic, most businesses were offering free memberships and deliveries to drive online business. Companies also rebranded their marketing language to a more sympathetic and community tone throughout their websites, photo choices, and even color palettes.

There were also new websites to help businesses that needed an extra boost during this tough time! Below is one example of a new website that did just that:

The COVID-19 marketing campaign was a national campaign across every industry, and it affected the look and feel of every single digital product's messaging, design and photography choices.

5. Users learned more about digital products

The theory that older generations can't learn to use digital products was finally proved wrong! People of all ages were able to FaceTime friends and family for special occasions, or to virtually visit with those they missed. They also started to utilize online tools like Zoom, and Slack to help make working remotely a bit easier. And most importantly, millennials finally took over TikTok!

As a result, more and more websites are making the fearless switch the desktop hamburger menu and paying more attention to their mobile and tablet sizing.

We can already sum up 2020 with a few words: pandemic, toilet paper and Zoom. And while the lockdown was a tough time in the world, it also shaped the way we navigate and learn online for generations to come. Cheers to a new age in the digital sphere! May you all enjoy the new digital product designs.

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Monday, June 22, 2020



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