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Different Ways We Embrace Collaboration


Different Ways We Embrace Collaboration

Monday, July 12, 2021

If it isn’t obvious by our name, we at Iris Design Collaborative embrace working together! It’s easy to get lost in your own projects, but we find that the best outcomes come from collaboration. There are a few ways you can make working together successful for you and your team members — without getting awful flashbacks to those group projects you did in grade school!

Ask Coworkers for Feedback

The first way is the simplest: Ask coworkers for feedback and creative input. It’s super easy to do. Just share a screenshot in Slack or email them your work — you can even discuss it in a good old critique style if you are in an office setting and pin your work up on the wall. Your coworkers may see things you don’t, or your work could spark inspiration for other concepts you might not have considered. This method allows you to still work more on your own, but always makes sure that you get another perspective to make the project the best it can be before sending it to the client. This way of collaborating can allow you to see things in a new light and push the work further.

Put the Pieces Together

Another way you can work collaboratively is to have multiple people work on the same project on their own and then come together to create a great piece of work. This approach allows each person to create without influence, but then pulls the best elements from the collection of work to make one great final product. This way is ideal in a quick turnaround setting because it allows for different avenues to be explored in a short amount of time. This can work for both sketching or designing directly on the computer. You will be surprised ay how similar or wildly different the designs turn out depending on who is working together and how diversely they approach the project.

Host a Working Call

The last way we like to collaborate is over a call where we come up with ideas on the phone and execute them together. You will most often find us using this method when working on a UI/UX project and can work in Figma, or when creating a written document in a Dropbox Paper as the platforms have a built-in collaborative nature. This method can be done on other design projects as well, however, it will require one person to share their screen while in an Adobe platform. This form of collaborating creates a project that is 100% the result of several minds working together, allowing you to work out an issue and create a solid, well-thought out design solution in real time.

We encourage you to collaborate in the way that works best for you and your projects! Collaboration isn’t just for designers; it can help anyone in any form of business. Other perspectives can only make your work stronger!

Elizabeth M.

Iris Design Collaborative

Wearer of Many Hats: Team Lead, Design Director, Project Manger

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Monday, July 12, 2021




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