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Effectively Communicating and Building Your Team


Effectively Communicating and Building Your Team

Monday, May 10, 2021

The need for good communication is crucial to companies of all sizes, ranging from small to large.

We truly enjoy working together in a collaborative environment. Here are some easy steps to work on your team’s communication, workflow and moral!


This is a huge topic for us. We are always looking for ways to improve on our processes and communication. When working with a team, it’s SO important to create a good tasking system — we can’t stress this enough!

The more detailed a project is the better, but it’s easy to get lazy here. A good rule of thumb when creating a task is to always write it for the newest person on your team. Put in the same amount of detail that you would if you were assigning it to them. That way anyone can do the task with minimal questions. This also includes a budgeted time for each task. Letting someone one know how much time he or she should be spending on something can help them to properly manage their time to meet expectations.

Aside from task details, it’s important to communicate your vision or provide inspiration whenever possible, as no can read your mind. When left for interpretation, someone will do what they think works or looks best. This isn’t a problem when you don’t have a vision in mind, but when you find yourself saying “oh, I was thinking it would look more like this,” it can result in a loss of time from back and forth revisions.

Once a task is underway, spend time checking in on things. Asking how the project is going and how much longer they anticipate it taking. Maybe some questions have come up or maybe the deadline has changed — the more communication the better!

Team Moral

It’s critical to set overall expectations with each team member. This can be things like what time they should show up to work or which projects must get done each day. Communicating with your team about these type of things makes it easy to understand the expectations.

Recently we have incorporated monthly check-ins and quarterly reviews. We use monthly calls to see how everyone is feeling, if there has been anything they have been struggling with, and how to possibly fix any of issues they have be having. In quarterly reviews, we dive deeper into issues and set goals for the following quarter with the intention of always furthering our team members and making sure everyone is happy. These types of one-on-one type meetings can be a great tool to learn new things about your individual team members and make sure they are succeeding.

Communication can also be fun! As a remote team, we have to be creative when bringing the team together. Sometimes this means working calls where we all hangout on the phone while working on our own projects, leaving time for chatter or questions. Other times this means video calls where we all play a game together — our favorite so far has been Among Us. Activities like this can be a great way to build the bond that your team has! The better the team works together,  the better off the company will be.

As you can see, we’ve learned a LOT and continue to grow as a fully remote and fully digital agency. Feel free to use these tips and tricks the next time you’re looking to improve your team’s communication and processes!

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Monday, May 10, 2021




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