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Finding the Design World


Finding the Design World

Monday, August 9, 2021

Like many designers, I stumbled into the design world without really knowing it. I first started to learn about design in high school when I joined the yearbook club. In this club, I learned about creating layouts, photos and computer programs that I had never really thought too much about before. I quickly fell in love with creating spreads and capturing the life that the school had.

Once I started to think about digital art, it changed my whole perspective. I had always loved art more than any other subject in school, but I felt as though I didn’t quite fit into the traditional art world. I always have greatly admired all forms of art, but I often felt like I wouldn’t truly be happy with anything I created. I found that drawing was just too tedious and painting took way too much time staring at one subject. Finding graphic design and digital art opened up my eyes to a career in the art world that I couldn’t see possible.

Studying design in college helped me understand that design is everywhere, even when you aren’t thinking about it. Design is used on the street signs you see while you drive your car, it’s the logos you see on products in the grocery store, it’s used on every app on your phone, it’s the maps you use to find your destination, it’s the website you buy your favorite shoes from — and as a designer, it’s impossible to ignore. While in school, I also learned about what drives design and why it’s important to have a reason behind each and every decision you make while designing. Each element plays a part in telling a larger story. This is an important tool many non-designers may not realize, but every color is chosen to better embrace a company’s vision, the graphics help to explain the motivation and the photos can portray the people behind it all.

Good design can be so inspiring, often leaving me almost upset that I didn’t think to make it or envious of the people who got to work on such incredible projects. Design is also ever-changing, which drives me to be the best designer that I can be, staying with trends and creating classic designs that will never go out of style. Being a professional designer pushes me in my work life, how I design my home and even what clothes I buy. It truly has shaped me as a person.

I love being a designer and I’m thankful to live in a world packed with design.


Design Director, Project Manager, Team Lead

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Monday, August 9, 2021




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