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How to Find the Perfect Hire


How to Find the Perfect Hire

Monday, March 22, 2021

Ready to add to your team? Looking for an employee to fill an empty spot can be a daunting process for anyone, but it can be especially tough for small businesses. Here’s some steps you can take to tackle the challenges of hiring:

  1. Define the role you are looking to fill

It’s important to know why you are looking for a new team member. Are you drowning in work and need more help, are you creating a new role and need a person with a specialized skill? Pin pointing exactly what you are looking for will help in many aspects from writing the job description, to interviewing candidates, and even onboarding once the position is filled.

  1. Appoint a hiring manager

If you don’t already have a designated hiring manager it’s a smart move to pick someone to do the task. Deciding on one person to get things started and see it through can help the process move along quicker. This person will review candidates, create a short list of people who check all the boxes, set up and conduct the first round of interviews and communicate with potential contenders. After a decision is made, your hiring manager should also be the person who trains the new team member.

  1. Post a listing

You can utilize job board websites to help get the word out that you are looking for someone. Post a listing for you position using any site you like: Indeed, Monster, Zip Recruiter, which ever best fits your needs and budget. This method can bring in a lot of applicants, (especially if you a remote based company during a pandemic

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. ) Typically, you can expect to see 200+ applicants on a job listing with Indeed. You can also go down different recruitment avenues by asking for referrals from team members, using your social media accounts like Linkedin or Facebook, or advertising on your company website.

  1. Reach out to set up interviews

Once you review all your options, reach out to the people who stood out to you. For us these are the people with beautiful digital portfolio website, well designed and organized resumes with all the right criteria, industry expertise, and relevant experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is how a new hire might fit in with your company culture. If the candidate’s vibe doesn’t feel like it could mesh with your team during the interview, they might not be the right fit for you company. It’s kinda like dating.

  1. Ask important questions

It’s important to ask all the right questions in interviews, as answers can make or brake a candidate. You want someone who comes across confident in their answers and is excited for the opportunity, but also understands how to ease the pain points you are trying to fix by hiring someone new. Create a list of questions you want every candidate to answer, and have an idea of what kind of answer you are looking for. Asking the same questions to each interviewee can help you compare them later on.

Asking silly question or less important question is also a good way to get to know the person you are interviewing as well. For example you could ask questions like what do you do in your free time? What tv show are you currently binging? How do you feel about seltzer? These more fun questions are easy to answer and can typically loosen people up so you can get a sense of who they are with out the nerves.

  1. Conduct a second round of interviews

By now you should have a small number of candidates who you think would fit best in the position. Reach out and complete a final round of interview with your short list. At this point in the process it’s a good idea to add coworkers or higher ups into the call so they can get a feel for the potential employee and help make the final decision.

  1. Offer the right person the job

If all goes well you should have the perfect person for the job. The final step is to offer the position and get the contract signed!

  1. Onboard and train your new team member.

You did it! Now all you need to do is onboard you new employee and show them the ropes!

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Monday, March 22, 2021




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