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How to Manage Busy Season Burnout


How to Manage Busy Season Burnout

Monday, June 14, 2021

The busy time of the year can differ for every company. For us, that usually means summer time. The influx of work typically comes from big launches, the start of new large projects, and a boost of additional work from our quieter clients. So how do we avoid burnout when the whole team is working at 110%? It’s all about setting exceptions and finding balance.

Setting Expectations

We alway try to be transparent with our clients. This means communicating accurate deadlines, even if it’s longer than ideal. This allow us time to get the work done without rushing, leaving room for us to pay closer attention to small details. Sometimes, it can even mean letting clients know that we need more time. It’s not always possible to meet every deadline and that’s okay.

It’s also important for us to be clear with our team about those deadlines, and stay on top of project management. It’s easy for something to slip through the cracks when there are a lot of things on the task board and multiple meetings scheduled each day. Our project managers are responsible for knowing the status of each of their clients tasks, and getting updates every day to make sure things are moving along. With constant check-ins we can assess if we need to shift priorities around, or bring in multiple people to help push a project to the finish line in time.

Finding Balance

It’s easier than you think to overwork yourself. Staying late each day to just finish up the last task may seem harmless, but it can get out of hand quickly. Twenty minutes almost always seems to turn into an hour and an hour turns into an hour and half. Before you know you are working late everyday and your work life balance as gone out the window. We always want to give our best work to clients, and but that’s just isn’t possible without also prioritizing some time away from work to destress and rest.

Throughout the week we try to keep in mind that certain tasks can probably wait till the morning, and that employee’s daily task load should depend on the realistic amount of projects they can complete in 8 hours. Sometimes that means volunteering to help with projects at the end of the work day so one team member doesn’t get stuck working later than everyone else in order to meet a deadline.

We always want everyone on the team to know that we appreciate the hours they have put in, but also know they deserve time to enjoy hanging with their family, do something they love or even just watching some damn tv.

It’s so common to get worn down by work. It’s always a constant battle of something, whether it is the daily schedule, the strive to make the next best thing, or constant attention to detail that needs to be put into every project. It’s normal to feel burnt-out. Setting expectations with our clients and finding balance with work and life are just a few ways we work to avoid and combat burnout. How do you or your company handle work burnout?

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Monday, June 14, 2021




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