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How to Use GIPHY Stickers to Boost Your Social Media


How to Use GIPHY Stickers to Boost Your Social Media

Monday, April 5, 2021

How many times have you seen those cute stickers of a dog or an animated character that people add onto their social media stories?! I know we see them all the time! A lot of people don’t realize that they can utilize branded GIPHY stickers on social media platforms and include it in their strategies. We are going to show you how!

First, let’s briefly discuss what a GIPHY sticker is. A GIPHY sticker is a GIF with a transparent background that can overlaid on-top of videos on social media platforms. They are used to convey funny messages or reactions. Since you’ve probably seen them around Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, you probably already know a little bit about what makes a good and bad sticker.

A good sticker:

  • appeals to a wide audience
  • is easy to understand
  • is expressive
  • is Relevant
  • is Creative
  • includes no fine details that may get lost when the sticker is sized down
  • has a tightly cropped canvas so the sticker so that it doesn’t appear small when uploaded

Here are a few ways you can incorporate stickers in your social media strategy:

1. Include your logo on your sticker

When your sticker includes a branded logo, you’re able to build brand awareness if others use your sticker. Here’s an example of a client we worked with who utilized their branded logo on lots of their stickers.

2. Use branded GIPHY Stickers as a tool for your marketing team

Successful sticker packets also have slogans with their logos. This serves as a powerful tool and allows your entire marketing and sales team to use branded stickers on their own Instagram stories. This is particularly helpful and relevant when they post updates about new events and everyday office activities.

Here are some examples of how one of our clients’ real estate agents use GIPHY stickers to promote their brand across all of their Instagram accounts:

3. Use GIPHY Stickers for Reoccurring Events

You can also use GIPHY stickers for reoccurring events like “Featured Friday”, “Employee Spotlight”, etc. For example, one of our clients uses stickers for their “Featured Fido” promotion, where they feature a dog every month on their social media accounts.

3. Use illustrations and fun characters that are relevant to your brand

Using animated characters and fun illustrations can reinforce your branding while still being playful and genuine on your social media accounts. This client uses lots of illustrations of pets for their petcare business, helping building a rapport between them and their clients and ultimately making their company more memorable!

As you can see, there are tons of different ways to use GIPHY stickers and easily incorporate them into your social media strategy. We’ve worked with both small and big businesses who incorporated GIPHY stickers as a part of their social media plan -- and trust us, it pays off big time! They got millions of views and clicks on their stickers and boosted their social media accounts. One of our top performing stickers has over 24 million views! Image your logo incorporated on a sticker with 24 million eyes on it. Game changer.

Want to learn more about how to make GIPHY stickers and sticker packets? Talk with us!

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Monday, April 5, 2021




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