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Navigating Project Management in a Remote Workforce

Navigating Project Management in a Remote Workforce

Navigating Project Management in a Remote Workforce

As a fully remote team, project management is critical to getting work to our clients on time, and keeping everything organized.

There are tons of different project management tools out there. Like what you ask? Well there’s Redbooth, Trello, Asana, Monday, Basecamp, Workfront, ClickUp, Toggl Plan the list goes on. Our team uses not just one, but a few of these to help us stay on task.

Redbooth. We use Redbooth as our main hub for projects. All of our projects can be found on our Redbooth page, organized into different columns. One for each of our staff members and another for tasks that are limbo. This helps us see what everyone is working on at quick glance. On busy days columns are packed with tasks with all different colored tags indicating each project’s order of importance. This system allows us to get an overview of everything we have in the cue, who is overloaded with work, and who’s running a little low.  Knowing this makes delegating work easier, and help’s us stay focused on our each day’s priorities.

In each task you can find all the information needed to complete the assignment as well as the due date, references, links to inspiration, and any additional back and forth comments between team members about the project.

Toggl. We use Toggl to keep track of our hours. Each toggl time entry is linked to a redbooth task. This allows us to know how long to bill clients for each specific project that we’ve completed. When use properly this tool is incredibly helpful, as long as you always remember to start and stop your timer!

Asana. Asana is another tool we use everyday. We primarily use this tool as a client facing system for our larger clients. Here we submit projects that were assigned to us directly. Asana is similar to Redbooth and lists out all the task that need to be done, when they are due, and any corespondents between us an the client on the particular task. If the client was specific enough all the information we will need should be included in each task.

These management systems are just part of staying organized. We also daily meetings with our team to discuss the happenings, answer question and go over task with. These meetings along with a well organized file system are how we are productive as a remote team.

Elizabeth Morrissette

IDC - Project Manager

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