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Transitioning to Full-Time Remote Work


Transitioning to Full-Time Remote Work

Monday, December 7, 2020

From full-time student to full-time employee, I finished my traditional education and am now fully immersed in my journey in the workforce. For many, this transition can be frightening and even overwhelming. Well, let me be the first to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

When considering places to apply for straight out of college, the first to come to mind may be traditional in-person jobs that may even contain a cubicle. I’m sorry, but I would rather be at home in the comfort of my room than stuck in a small square all day having to smell a tuna casserole being heated up for lunch! Fortunately, for those of you looking for jobs that don’t involve odd-smelling cubicles and oftentimes long dreadful commutes, remote working is a great opportunity to join the working world while remaining comfy in your home. And yes, that does mean it is socially acceptable to wear your pajamas seven days per week!

For me, making the transition from school to remote work was as seamless as the onesie that I may or may not have in my closet. Although my transition has gone very smooth, I have four tips that I have learned that can help prepare you for remote working.

Tip #1: Just because you don’t have to drive to work doesn’t mean you should sleep in late.

The assumption that you will have more time to sleep in when working remotely may be true, but if you’re like me, there are plenty of shiny things around the house eagerly waiting to grab my attention. Thus, set a schedule to wake up at the same time each day, and give yourself ample time to prepare breakfast, or complete some morning chores.

Tip #2: Take a break, and move around.

Taking a break to get up and stretch is something everyone should do more, including me. Sitting down all day can impact your health, and in order to get your blood flowing, stand up for a few minutes, and get some fresh air. You could even do a few jumping jacks!


Yes, you heard me… communication! We all understand that communication is extremely important, but when working from home it’s something you must stay on top of. Doing so, can help your team work as a well-oiled unit. When working as part of an online team, staying in touch regularly can help to prevent misunderstanding of assignments and overall hiccups throughout the workday.

Tip #4: At the end of the day, when you clock out, stay clocked out.

It can be easy and sometimes a habit to check emails or messages regarding work when you're supposed to be relaxing. When you’re done working for the day, step away and enjoy your free time. I promise, your work will be there waiting for you tomorrow.

While working remotely is a great and seamless way to transition from college to the workforce, there are some great skills and mindsets to be learned along the way. Although there may be distractions around every corner, stay focused, get your job done, and enjoy the life of building your career from home!

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Monday, December 7, 2020




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