Founding Iris Design Collaborative

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Iris Design Collaborative was born out of a small studio apartment in Chicago, Illinois in 2017. I began the company with big ideas of how freelancers could collaborate together, all remote! Freelancing can be a lonely gig, especially when you have don't have any coworkers to help you brainstorm.

I started my design career with a print background and was eager to enter the digital world. I quit my 9-5 job at one of the largest publications in the country and began working part-time as a barista. People thought I was absolutely crazy! Why would I leave a full-time, well paid job to serve coffee at 5 am?!

My friends and family always told me to "follow my dreams", "go big or go home", "it's about the journey, not the destination." So the idea of entrepreneurship for me was both terrifying and exciting.

Fast-forward three years later, and Iris Design Collaborative is a full-fledge design agency with a smart, talented team of designers. We're constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas. I walk into work everyday with my coffee in hand ready to create some amazing designs. I cannot brag enough about our team -- they are truly an amazing source of inspiration and are incredible problem solvers.

Our mission as a team is to always give our clients the best solution possible. And our teamwork is what makes that problem solving a true reality. I feel lucky to be a part of IDC, although I had built and started the company, it has certainly evolved past my wildest dreams due to the incredible teammates and collaboration.

So, with that, here's a big, warm welcome to our blog! We'll give you insights to our latest and greatest innovations as well as tips on how to keep your products relevant and create an amazing customer base.

Enjoy! And don't be a stranger. We love comments and questions.

Yours truly,

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September 1, 2020




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