How to Make Your Website or App Stand Out with Color

Friday, July 8, 2022

There’s a ton of different ways to make your website or app standout — but one of the biggest (and most obvious ways) is through your branding.

This is why picking your color palette is one of the first and biggest things you can do to standout when you’re starting out.

Step #1: Choose your vibe

Are you going for a warm, cool vibe? Or a modern, sleek vibe? Do you want it to feel eclectic and homey? Or electric and bright? Deciding on how you want it to feel is the very first step in setting your intention for what you want your color palette to look like. It’s easy to get caught up in “favorites” or “I like this color”, but you really want your color palette to speak to your audience in a mature way.

Step #2: Choose your palette

First, go to this URL: You’ll want to add the HEX# code of the primary color of your company so far.

This makes it really easy to generate color palettes off of one single color. Oftentimes, I like to take this color from a logo or existing branding material I can find from the company I’m working with.

Step #3: Apply your colors

It’s important to take your colors with a grain of salt. By this, I mean apply them VERY carefully. You don’t want to overwhlem your users with all sorts of colors, so apply them tactfully. Here are some good rules of thumb.

Tip #1: All primary buttons should be the same color (ie. if your primary color is blue, then all buttons on your site are blue)

Tip #2: All hyperlinks should be the same colors (ie. if one hyperlink is underlined in purple, then this is how they all should be, no matter what page you’re on. They should also be the same font size and style)

Tip #3: All body copy should be the same color. I recommend a gray or black — colored typography is generally too hard to read and doesn’t often pass accessibility standards on web or mobile.

We hope this helped in picking colors for your next design!

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July 8, 2022




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