The Difference Between UX and UI Designers

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

In recent years, there has been both an extreme demand for and influx of UX and UI Designers. As technology continues to develop, many businesses are seeing how essential it is to onboard these specific designers to make their products fully functional and visually pleasing.


But what even is UX/UI? To simply break it down UX Design is creating meaningful and relevant experiences for a user. The user experience refers to the entire process a user goes through when interacting with a product or service. UX Designers are responsible for making sure the user’s experience is as seamless as possible. The process of developing UX takes several steps including research, usability, function and validation. UX Designers typically spearhead the backbone of the product—wireframes or low-fidelity mockups.


Once the framework of the product has been created, it’s time to get into the UI. User Interface Design (UI) refers to all visual assets of a product. UI designers work to create a design system of colors, typography, illustrations, and components that are unique to a product and contribute to the overall brand identity. UI designers must have a keen eye for visual design. Since a large concentration of users require certain visual aids, this needs to be accounted for when creating a design system. UI designers work hard to create a system that passes accessibility standards so it can support a wide range of potential user needs.

Source: Dribble: Gal Shir Digital Artist

In efforts to create products for a large range of users, UX/UI has become an essential part to creating a seamless user experience. UX and UI come together in perfect harmony to create comprehensive and interactive experiences that suit the needs for specific audiences to create an overall better technological experience.

Source: Giphy:  Andrewillustration

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September 28, 2021




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