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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Meaningful and Impactful App


5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating a Meaningful and Impactful App

Have you ever had an experience with an app where you’re like “Oh wow! That is so cool?” I remember when I was pregnant, I was religiously using the What to Expect: Pregnancy and Baby Tracker. I would check everyday to see what fruit or vegetable my little one turned into. One day the app told me my baby was the size of a lettuce, so I went to the store to buy a head of lettuce and take a picture next to my bump.


This app changed my behavior and how I was viewing my pregnancy. It was giving me insight on what was going on biologically in my body — which was crazy!

There are all sorts of apps that we use to improve and change our daily life, from fitness apps to finance apps, software is core to the actions we take in our lives.

Another app that me and a friend loved to use was Zombies, Run!. It’s a basic running app, except it has audio and visuals of zombies running after you.

Every run featured a story with zombies and it became so fun to run with my friend because we were competing together on who could collect the most coins and supplies to defend ourselves.

It’s these amazing moments that change lives and behaviors. So, how do you cultivate these moments in your app and create a platform that everyone loves to use and come back to?

User experience is about digging deep to understand your users. Answer these 5 questions to help you create an amazing app.

  1. What problem do my users face?

  1. What is the first, second and third task I want my user to complete inside of the app when they log in for the first time?

  1. How should my user feel after completing these first three tasks in the app?

  1. What’s their motivation for coming back to my app?

  1. How would they feel if they didn’t come to my app?

Make sure to write down these questions and use these answers to fuel your user experience.

A great app experience is easy to use, speaks to its audience, and its objective is understood and feels attainable.

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